Our Vision

Our Vision at Tru-Cal is to build and maintain a reliable service company known throughout the thermal processing industry for providing superior service and solutions so that our customers have the best change for success at compliance to their mandatory quality requirements.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and we began in 1999 with a name: Tru-Cal. We decided to name our company Tru-Cal because our management team at one time or another had previously worked for various companies that at times would not truly calibrate the instruments they were tasked with calibrating. Our passion for excellence at Tru-Cal is on our company name and in the philosophy we all go by each and every day, to always  Truly calibrate

Meet the Team

Jim Belavich  President
With 30+ years of experience in several areas of thermal processing — Thermocouples, Combustion, Controls, Refractory, Electrical, and Calibration just to name a few. Jim successfully manages and cultivates most of Tru-Cal’s new customer relationships, and is responsible for Tru-Cal continued growth. Jim maintains a “hands-on” approach with his staff ensuring that Tru-Cal’s vision is carried out by the team.


Ed Matheis  Vice President-Projects

Ed has an extensive 25-year background in the heat treating industry. Ed’s experience includes working for a leading thermocouple manufacturer as well as pyrometry service company. In his career Ed has helped design, install, service and troubleshoot thermal processing systems for many companies across many different industries, including: medical, aerospace, automotive, plastics, polymers, and coatings, just to name a few. Ed’s experience and back-ground servicing these different industries make him a valuable asset to the Tru-Cal organization.
Josh Rausch  Service Coordinator & Senior Service Technician

Brent Sommers  Senior Service Technician

Jimi Belavich III  Service Technician

Gary Leoini  Service Technician

Nathan Wright  CEO & Founder
Nathan provides strategic direction & develops innovative ideas that help Tru-Cal offer best-in-class service. Nathan is a member of: MTI, ASM, SAE (AMEC Committee Member), CQI-9 (CQI-9 Planning Committee Member).