Instrument Calibration

Since 1999 Tru-Cal has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and has maintained accreditation by providing customers with the highest standards of metrology (on and offsite). We provide calibration services for the aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing industries.  Our calibration services are enhanced by our deep understanding of the  heat treatment equipment and processes.

Here are a few of calibration services that Tru-Cal can offer:

• Temperature Control Devices           • Process Control Devices

• Infrared Thermometers                     • Data Acquisition Systems

• Recorders                                           • Lab/Test Equipment

• Humidity Sensors                               • Transmitters

• Carbon Controllers                             • pH/Conductivity Meters

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Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS)

Tru-Cal conducts temperature uniformity surveys in accordance with several aerospace and automotive specifications. We have been providing these services for over 18 years and have continuously updated our testing equipment along the way to ensure that your TUS and TUS reporting are always in compliance.

Some of the common specifications we comply with are:

•  AMS 2750                                       • CQI-9

• Boeing BAC – 5621                         • Ford WHTX

• Boeing BAC -5602                           • Nadcap

• Pratt Whitney F-40                          • Individual Customer Specs

Our large inventory of modern data collection instruments enable us to provide you with accurate digital TUS results very quickly. Tru-Cal technicians have experience with a several varieties of thermal processing equipment and several specifications. While on-site this knowledge helps ensure your pyrometry needs are always met.

For more information call: 419-202-1296


System Accuracy Tests (SAT)

As required by AMS 2750, CQI-9, BAC 5621 and many other specifications, system accuracy tests consist of comparing thermocouple systems (thermocouple, temperature control instrument, lead wire) against a calibrated test instrument system. System accuracy tests validate the accuracy of the furnace control and recording instruments in each control zone of your furnace.


For more information call: 419-202-1296